Randal Huiskens Pop Art

The Brands
I came up with the concept of creating several different brands for my artwork during the summer of 2018. I had always wrestled with the question: How do I keep developing along my linear path while starting new paths which can develop in different directions, exploring different types of Pop Art?


Press Release

PRESS RELEASE - For Immediate Release
October 22, 2018


Pop Artist Randal Huiskens has scored a series of wins in this year's American Art Awrds, all in the Pop Art category. While he did not win the first place award, Huiskens won more awards in Pop Art Category than any other artist.

The complete list of the awards won by Huiskens is as follows:
2nd Place (Tie) RANDAL HUISKENS USA "Queen Of Diamonds" 30 x 40" Acrylic On Canvas.
4th Place (Tie) RANDAL HUISKENS USA "Variations On Botticelli's Birth Of Venus No. 5" 20 x 20" Acrylic On Canvas.
4th Place (Tie) RANDAL HUISKENS USA "Chairman Mao" 20 x 24" Acrylic On Canvas.
5th Place (Tie) RANDAL HUISKENS USA "I Heart Lady Liberty" 20 x 20" Acrylic On Canvas.
5th Place (Tie) RANDAL HUISKENS USA "Kabuki Actor Ichikawa Danjuro II" 24 x 36" Acrylic On Canvas.

The American Art Awards is a juried competition judged by 25 prominent American art galleries. President and co-founder of the American Art Awards is Thom Bierdz, a painter, author and actor most widely known for playing Phillip Chancellor III on The Young & The Restless.

Huiskens, a Chicago area Pop Artist, is a three time first place winner in the Pop Art category of the American Art Awards, taking the top spot in 2013, 2014 and 2015. He is most well known for his Pop Art portraits, which have been described as "Andy Warhol meets Chuck Close." In addition, he paints various other types of Pop Art, which he describes as his “Brands." Thom Bierdz, President of the American Art Awards, stated "Huiskens is a stunning success story and a very collectible contemporary artist."

The official announcement is here.

For more information about Randal Huiskens, visit http://www.huiskensart.com/


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