Randal Huiskens Pop Art

The Brands
I came up with the concept of creating several different brands for my artwork during the summer of 2018. I had always wrestled with the question: How do I keep developing along my linear path while starting new paths which can develop in different directions, exploring different types of Pop Art?


The Original Brand

The Original Brand includes my signature style, and represents the work in that and similar motifs, including the Series Painting and "I ♥" paintings. It is my main body of work, and will continue to be the main focus of my career.

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Randal Huiskens Pop Art

Girl With A Pearl Earring

Acrylic on Canvas ♦ 22 x 28" ♦ 2017

Randal Huiskens Pop Art

I ♥ Vincent Van Gogh

Acrylic on Canvas ♦ 20 x 24" ♦ 2017

Randal Huiskens Pop Art

Portrait Of Mark Twain

Acrylic on Canvas ♦ 16 x 20" ♦ 2017

Randal Huiskens Pop Art

Prince Of Hearts

Acrylic on Canvas ♦ 30 x 40" ♦ 2016

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