Randal Huiskens Pop Art

The Brands
I came up with the concept of creating several different brands for my artwork during the summer of 2018. I had always wrestled with the question: How do I keep developing along my linear path while starting new paths which can develop in different directions, exploring different types of Pop Art?


The FIERO Brand

That indelible image. That snapshot of time. One moment in a million moments captured in a split second. We will never know what someone was thinking at that moment they were forever captured, but we know that captured they were. We can suppose, we can surmise, but it is just a fancy in our minds. My goal is to add some color and drama to those moments, using the timeless images of our culture. The manipulation of color in a scene can increase or heighten the drama of the moment and suggest something other than the actual moment. What were they thinking? I have put my spin on it, now it is up to the viewer.